Water tanks by Aqua Tanks, are polyethylene, plastic, water tanks made in New Zealand (NZ).

With polyethylene tanks from 295 litres to 31,000 litres, we offer the largest range of water storage tanks in New Zealand. Our range includes underground tanks, slimline water tanks, retention and detention storm water water tanks, export water tanks, portable water tanks and pre-tank filters and accessories. Aqua Tanks can also be used for molasses, colostrum and chemical storage.

Aqua Tanks - Buy with Confidence

We are the highest accredited polyethylene water tank manufacturer in New Zealand giving you peace of mind when purchasing an Aqua Tank. These certifications mean that all our processes, from tank design and manufacturing through to raw materials and finished products are certified to meet the highest design and manufacturing standards. We also offer a fully transferable 10 year warranty on all above ground tanks.

All our chemical tanks are EPA certified and approved, and underground tanks are independently certified by Professional Engineering Consultants.

Our aim is simple - to provide quality products and services to satisfied customers.


5 reasons to buy an Aqua Tank

Price: All our Polyethylene water, chemical, and underground, retention and detention tanks are exceptionally well priced, and with independent certifications

Size: We have the most extensive range of tanks ideal for customers who are looking for a specific tank capacity.

Design: The additional strength has been moulded into the tank through a combination of ribbing and domed construction. FEA tested and independently certified by Professional Engineering Consultants.

Availability: Our full range of tanks from 295L to 31,000L are available through our New Zealand-wide dealer network

Accredited: Galloway International Ltd is certified to AS/NZS4766 standards and EPA Code of Practice HSNOCOP 61 for the sale of chemical tanks.

About Galloway International Ltd

New Zealand-made Aqua Tanks are a division of Galloway International - a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company, an internationally recognised company known as a leader in the concept, design,

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